Micro BT Whatsminer M31S 44W 76T



Micro BT Whatsminer M31S 44W 76T | Best Place to buy Micro BT Whatsminer M31S 44W 76T

✔ MicroBT whatsminer M31s 76TH bitcoin miner is 76Th/s (± 5%), energy consumption is only 3256w (+/- 10%).
✔ Most competitive bitcoin miner, much better than Antminer t17+ 64th,t17 PLUS, s17e 60th, antminer s9j, antminer s17pro 53th, s9j 14.5th and much cheaper than Antminer S19 95TH and S19

Whatsminer M31S-76T-44W from MicroBT is designed for mining SHA-256 algorythm with a maximum hash rate of 76 Th/s, a power consumption of 3344W±10% and power efficiency of 44 W/Th.

This mining server uses the industry leading solutions and an optimised design. Machines are easy to deploy and adaptive to mining farms of different sizes.

The Whatsminer M31S 76TH/s 44W is manufactured with an advanced 2 fan technology for heat dissolution and includes a controller.

Whatsminer M31S 76TH/s 44W miner enables its users to mine bitcoin (BTC) with the maximum hashrate of 76TH/s and its power consumption of 3404W ± 10%, A power efficiency of 44 W/TH, cooling of 2 x 12038 fans, A power dimensions of 130mm (L)* 220mm (W)* 390mm (H) and also an operating temperature of -5c-40c. Mining with Whatsminer M31S 76TH/s 44W miner makes mining very easy, efficient, and profitable for its users.

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